With the high cost of traditional judicial means, clients and legal advisors alike tend to non-judicial means of dispute resolution and we at AMH Legal Consultants and Advocacy provide brokerage, arbitration, settlement and other alternative dispute resolution services to support our clients. We work together with Our clients through the role of arbitrators and mediators in the attached procedures


The litigation team, consisting of lawyers, consultants, and legal experts, represented our corporate clients before Egyptian law courts of all levels. Our team members work hard and accurately to resolve our customers’ disputes in a timely manner. Our service in this field extends from legal advisers, legal advice, court representation, document management and official paperwork to clients.


property AMH Legal Consultation and Advocacy has a leadership position from the start and today the office represents trademark owners and technology holders, whether established or at the small and large levels, or local and international. We have dealt with intellectual property rights issues in many sectors for nearly a century and our office team has been at the forefront of innovation and legal progress.

Employment and employment

AMH provides legal advice and law firm with full knowledge of overlapping employment laws and regulations, support for labor-related relations and entrepreneurship, and by applying a safe and preventive approach to labor law, we seek to reduce the responsibilities of business owners and create an active work environment that abides by the law for our clients

Companies and businesses

In this sector, our specialized attorneys focus on protecting businesses, companies and projects in all aspects of these activities locally and internationally. We assist our clients in establishing their companies legally, and direct them through the laws of companies and investment. In practice, the inevitable fact of companies is that they must deal with legal issues regularly.

Banking and Finance

The good reputation and expertise of litigation and dispute resolution teams has enabled us to represent banks and lenders and borrowers of various kinds in financial activities, from international transactions, credit transactions and transactions in foreign currency, to financial restructuring cases, letters of credit, guarantees, mortgages and pledges. Our practical approach is what distinguishes us in the market.

Real estate and property management

When it comes to ownership, purchase, sale, lease, development or even real estate financing, the specialized department provides in-depth legal advice in this field. Our knowledge of the various aspects of the sector is strong and has a good reputation, as a result of our work with developers and owners of private property in various sectors that include retail trade, hospitality, health care, insurance and infrastructure. A wide range of clients are sought including landowners, tenants, real estate developers, building contractors and investors internationally.

Legal advice and contracts

AMH Legal Consultants and Advocates provides legal advice to legal counsel and legal precedents in all areas of its jurisdiction. We also help in drafting, preparing and reviewing contracts in a wide range including but not limited to: franchise agreements and licensing, and agreements for commercial and distribution agencies, Building agreements, joint ventures and real estate. The clients come to us as a result of our highest accuracy and to ensure that error-free legal documents are written

Litigation and dispute settlement

Years of experience in the area of ​​dispute settlement have given us the opportunity to understand the elements of litigation. A comprehensive understanding and understanding of global requirements is what defines the litigation team that specializes in commercial disputes and dispute resolution alternatives. The practical approach followed by the office, which is based on commercial foundations, makes clients trust in them. They choose the legal institution that has the highest probability of achieving results that are in line with their strategic goals.

Commercial agencies

We provide our clients with a wide range of legal services that include providing advice on pre-contract negotiations, drafting and reviewing agency and distribution agreements, concessions and advice to establish companies, branches or subsidiaries and obtaining licenses and formal licenses

Criminal Law and military justice

Our attorneys at AMH Legal Consultants and Advocacy provided assistance in the defense of our investigated clients providing support in all cases of professionals and self-employed, and on a regular basis we represented our clients in criminal procedures issued by the court.

Navigation and customs

We at AMH Legal Consultancy and Law Firm have unparalleled experience in the transportation and customs sector, and we can also deal with all legal business related to customs, shipping and freight including bill of lading, contractors, claims for goods, accidents, customs and everything related to them, seizing ships, financing and selling Purchase and transportation.

You document foreign marriage

AMH Law Firm provides legal services and all necessary procedures to authenticate foreign marriage contracts in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Work permits for foreigners and residency

AMH Legal Consulting and Law Firm provides all legal services and procedures necessary to obtain work permits for foreigners and to complete the necessary residency procedures for that.

Media, entertainment and television

It is a sector that is growing as fast as the technology it uses. Today, media, entertainment and television are more competitive than ever before. They are in a state of constant change.

Personal Status Law

AMH provides all legal works related to the Egyptian Personal Status Law, including marriage, divorce, divorce, and alimony

Certification of official papers

AMH provides all the services necessary to certify official papers from all Egyptian government agencies and from all the embassies operating in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Real estate registration

AMH Law Firm provides legal services and procedures to finish all registrations in the real estate month.

Compensation and administrative justice cases

We have advisors and lawyers who specialize in all cases of compensation and administrative jurisdiction

Legal translation

AMH provides the certified legal translation service required for its clients in all their foreign languages

Tourism, travel and hotels

We provide legal advice to our clients in the hotel and tourism sector. Our services include drafting franchise agreements and hotel contracts, and obtaining licenses for hotels and resorts. We have gained experience in hotel / tourism related dispute settlement either through litigation or alternative dispute settlement