Fee policy

Our service fees may be based on a published fee schedule, or fees may be determined by agreement on the type of issue, its complexity, and the amount of hours required. In short, it should include the scope of services to be provided by legal consulting services in general, including corporate advice, tax advice, drafting and attending negotiations / transactions with any third party, business matters, dealing with matters with government authorities, etc. .. except for litigation, which is agreed upon in advance on a case-by-case basis. Below you will find three alternative proposals for our invoices, bearing in mind that we are open to arriving at alternative arrangements in the event that the workload does not need to spend excess amounts of time in this regard

Our fee base is usually the actual time that a professional spends performing the job, i.e. the lawyer, the chief lawyer, and the support staff, whose rate depends on the experience and qualifications of each individual.

Our fees should be on the basis of a fixed amount to be agreed upon and paid in advance, on a quarterly basis, it is worth noting that the costs we incurred on your behalf with expenses such as phone and fax, fees will be imposed on the postman, copying fees and pre-approved travel expenses in addition to fees Legal.

Our fees will be estimated based on the agreed amount for each case. 50% of our fees are paid in advance and the second half is paid upon completion of the task.