Younis Mahmoud

International Commercial Arbitration Department

Doctorate in Commercial and Maritime Law

Academic qualifications:
1- Bachelor of Law, Tanta University, 2009 with grade (good).
2- MA in Private Law, Tanta University, with grade of (Very Good) 2011.
3- PhD in Commercial and Maritime Law, Faculty of Law, Cairo University, with grade of (Excellent) 2019.
Practical qualifications:
Training courses and scientific conferences:
1- Effective teaching skills in the Center for Capacity Development of members of the Authority and Leadership 2019 – Cairo University.
2- Modern trends in teaching 2019 – Cairo University.
3- Organizing scientific conferences 2019 – Cairo University.
4- Organized Crime and Sustainable Development Conference – The British University.
5- Law and rumors conference – Tanta University.
Scientific research:
1- Arbitration in disputes arising from the check (PhD thesis) 2019.
2- The nature of the arbitration mission in the check – Refereed Research – Tanta University 2016.
3- Anti-rumor mechanisms in the Trade Law No. 17 of 1999 – an elaborate study.
4- Judicial oversight of administrative decisions regarding intellectual property rights (a comparative study) – an elaborate study at the Cairo Police Research Center.
Specialized in commercial and marine laws and issues.

Amr Sultan

Researcher PhD in Criminal Law

Academic Qualifications:
1- Bachelor of Laws – Cairo University – 2002.
2- Master of Public Law, Cairo University.
3- Diploma of Public Law, good grade.
4- Diploma in criminal sciences is a very good grade.
5- Doctoral researcher in criminal law, a joint supervision letter between the departments of criminal and international public at Cairo University.
Practical qualifications:
1- A lawyer of high appeal and the State Council.
2- Years of experience: 15 years in law.
3- Specialized in criminal law and pleading before the criminal courts and the military judiciary.
specializes in criminal law and issues and military justice.

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed

 master’s degree in public law

Academic Qualifications:

1- Bachelor of Laws – Good Appreciation – 2003.

2- Diploma in Public Law – a very good grade – in 2012.

3- Diploma of Administrative Sciences – Very Good Estimate – 2014.

4- Master of Public Law – Very Good Estimate – 2014.

Practical qualifications:

1- Professional diploma in the purposes of Islamic law and its legal applications – a very good estimate – in 2010.

2- Professional diploma in modern trends in criminal sciences – a very good estimate – in 2012.

3- Professional diploma in human resources management in legal institutions – a very good estimate – in 2013.

4- Professional diploma in marketing legal institutions – a very good estimate – in 2014.

5- Professional Master in Business Administration in Legal Institutions – 2016.

6- Professional diploma in international commercial arbitration – a very good estimate – in 2018.

7- Professional Master in Electronic Arbitration in FIDIC Contracts – Very Good Estimate – in 2019.

Legal literature:

1- Book: Cessation of Cassation in Procedures for Criminal Trials and Criminal Evidence – Dar Al-Jame’a – Egypt 2009.

2- The book “Elements and Characteristics of Terrorist Crime” – A Comparative Research Study – Technical Office of Legal Exports – Egypt 2018.

3- Book: Principles of Criminal Trials and Criminal Evidence in the Light of the Egyptian Cassation Court and Bahraini Discrimination Joint Author – Dar Al-Maarat Al-Maaref – Egypt 2019.

4- Encyclopedia: Practical procedures in personal status lawsuits – three parts – Technical Office for Legal Issues – Egypt 2020.

5- Book: Criminal confession and civil approval in the light of the Egyptian veto and Bahraini discrimination – a joint author.

Lectures given in the Kingdom of Bahrain:

1- Lecture on administrative contracts, tenders and auctions – Crown Plaza Hotel – November 2017.

2- Lecture laws regulating the rights of the disabled in the Gulf states – a project for you 2017.

3- Lecture on financial disclosure law – Joud Association 2017.

4- Lecture on social security and insurance laws – Supreme Council for Women 2015.

5- Evidence lecture in Shari’a lawsuits – Supreme Council for Women, 2014.

6- Representing the legal profession in the professional exhibition held by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain in 2015.


Specializes in international commercial arbitration and certified arbitrator in international commercial arbitration.

Ahmed Osama

Adviser and head of the financial and banking institutions section

 Bachelor of Laws – Cairo University

Academic qualifications:
Faculty of Law – Cairo University – 2003.
Degree: Bachelor’s degree, Average degree: Success.
Union Registration Certificate: Appeals Adviser.

Practical qualifications:
•Procedures for pleadings in all courts.
• Implementing judgments.
•Express an opinion (fatwa).
• Contracts.
• Real estate office procedures.
• Preparing banking legal research.
• work law.

Practical experiences:
• Worked with Piraeus Bank – Egypt (January 2005 to March 2014) in contract and credit management.
• A dynamic and competent professional with more than 10 years’ experience as a lawyer.
• The proven ability to represent clients in complex and challenging environments.
• An accomplished professional who has successfully managed case preparation and court procedures.
• Strong interpersonal communication skills in building major alliances and partnerships, after working with a diverse group of clients and individuals.
• highly organized and dedicated with a positive attitude, able to set effective priorities and deal with multiple tasks under high pressure within narrow deadlines.

specializes in the laws and issues of financial and banking institutions.

Dr. Mohamed Fathi

Head of the Labor Cases Department

Doctoral researcher in the pleadings law

Academic qualifications:
1- Bachelor of Laws – Cairo University – May 1998 Class
2- Master of Laws in Pleadings:
Subject of the thesis: the position of advancing unconstitutionality before the arbitration tribunal.
3- PhD researcher in the pleadings law – Faculty of Law – Menoufia University
Subject of the thesis: The jurisdiction of the economic courts

specialized in:
1- Labor issues.
2- Economic Courts Law.
3- Commercial courts.

Specialized in labor laws and issues.